The Marriage- September 23rd, 2011

First Line provided by @WritersDigest:

START: They walked down the church aisle, hand in hand, moments after saying “I do.” “Think we fooled them?” Mona said to Roger.

“Of course,” Roger laughed, “It almost seemed too easy, didn’t it?”

Roger was a Mexican with heart trouble trying to get into the US for treatment.  The real question was if they would find that nosy INS official.

“How long do we need to live together?” Mona asked. But she was thinking, How long before Roger kills me too?

Roger gave her a once over, put on his shades and smiled in that crooked way she knew too well.

Mona, now fearing both the INS and Roger, realized she needed to call the jerk her heart had written off. Here goes…

Charlie picked up the phone and answered, smugly, “Mona my sweet, I knew you’d come to your senses!”

“Shut it! I’m in danger!” She whispered into the phone to Charlie, “Get me AWAY from this creep, do you know what we’ve done???”

Mona looked up and saw the INS official talking to Roger and staring at her. She almost dropped her phone.

“Charlie, can you meet me tonight at the Stok’s Bar?” Mona pleaded, “Come alone.”

She slipped the phone in her purse and walked toward the two men, “Are you here to congratulate us on our marriage?” she asked.

The INS guy looked at Roger but spoke to Mona, “Something like that,” he said.

At that moment, a black van screeched onto the church stairs. Men dressed in black and strapped with guns jump out of the back.  The officer shoved Mona against the chapel wall and handcuffed her. Roger groaned. Not the wedding he had hoped for.

Then Mona awoke from her deep sleep and troubling dream; looking at her lover, Jen, she was thankful it was just a dream.  She reached for Jen, and then suddenly recoiled at the touch. Panic welled up from her chest.  Jen’s stiff body was cold as ice.  She then knew the wedding wasn’t a dream.  Jen had fallen victim to Roger’s schemes.

Or was it Charlie who hired those goons?  She had to find Charlie. She grabbed her clothes and started toward the door as her phone rang.  She pulled the phone out of her purse and looked at the caller name: Roger. She dropped it back in her purse.

She raced back in and dug out the case buried in the back of the closet. The Lugar she had never used was waiting for her.  Jens lifeless body swam in Mona’s head.  If Roger was calling and Charlie remained MIA, Mona trusted the wrong man.  Fighting off nausea, she started across the street when the black car returned screeching before her. She was about to find out.

A very short woman in very high heels and a black trench coat stepped out of the car, “You can stop now, Mona.” she said.

Small in stature yet grand in poise, the woman guided Mona into the car and took out a folder marked Charles Folk

“Mona, you must tell me what you know about this man.” Her CIA badge caught the light and Mona knew she had been played as a pawn.


Contributors to this week’s #storyfriday are (in order of appearance):

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Minor editing (punctuation, capitalization, etc.) was done before this story was posted, to allow for easier reading.  No words were removed from or added to this story after its original posting on Twitter except where indicated with red and then only to promote continuity in the story.


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