The Bachelor Party- August 19th, 2011

First line provided by @WritersDigest:

START: What started as a bachelor party ended in disaster. Luke, Mike, Ned and Dirty were on their way to Vegas when …

their plane crashed!

Ned yelled, “Pull over!” Ned continued, “I just had a dream our plane crashed. No way am I getting on that flight.”

Dirty laughed and slapped his forehead in disbelief.  Ned never was one for risks – why did he bother coming along?  Dirty responded, “Dude, haven’t you seen Final Destination?  It doesn’t matter if you get on the flight, you’re still gonna die.”

Dirty, who had OCD, refused to set foot in a truck stop of questionable cleanliness.  Luke, Mike and Ned left him in the car.

“I lost my shoe” said Dirty.

Luke just wanted to get to Vegas ASAP. “Poker and more poker boys.”

Dirty was approached by a man dressed as Lucille Ball screaming, “Going out for coffee huh?  Does it take two days to make a latte?”

Ned shook his head. Then he noticed the matronly woman that had been following them, “You working, love?” he said with a leer.

They had decided to stop and give a hitchhiker a ride. The tall lanky teenage girl looked so innocent until they noticed she had a rather large Adam’s apple hiding under her scarf.

The hitchhiker patted Ned’s leg, “It’s not the plane crashes that get you, baby.  It’s the germs in the ambulance after.”

Mike still hadn’t spoken.  He hadn’t wanted to go on this trip in the first place.  He was afraid he would miss his wedding.

The entourage descended upon the casino with Man’cille Ball indignant and hot on their heels, glancing at Dirty awkwardly.  As they entered the first casino, a security guard stopped them and said the police were looking for them.  They heard a loud bang.  They spun around to see the bloodied body of an aged man and a note which said, “Revenge is Sweet”.

Mike mumbled, “This was a bad idea,” so quietly that no one could hear him over the commotion.

Ned turned his head just in time to see the matronly lady put a smoking pistol in her purse.  The matronly lady walked away, as if nothing happened.  She had an air about her that was cool and confident, yet innocent.

‘How does no one think that’s odd?’  Ned thought as the woman sauntered through the panicked crowd nonchalantly, ‘My mama always said middle aged women are invisible, but this is ridiculous!’ thought Ned.

The teenage cross-dresser caught Ned’s eye, flicked his eyes in the direction of the woman, then put a finger to his lips and winked.  Ned watched as the teenager tried to follow the matronly lady. He nearly fainted when she turned and looked directly at him and her body shimmered and morphed into an exact replica of Ned. With a wicked grin Ned 2 intercepted security.  Ned thought for a minute he’d peed himself.  At this moment, everything around him seemed to spin. Flashes of his life flashed before his eyes.

“Ned? Ned?” He heard his brother, Luke, calling his name from far away, but he couldn’t see him.  His vision blurred, then faded

He did pee himself.

When Ned woke up, he was alone. It was dark and quiet and he was lying on his back. Stars wheeled above him.  No wonder the matronly lady looked so familiar. Years ago she was his nanny, but wasn’t she dead?  She had come to get him and taken the teen instead.  Was it a mistake or intentional?  He didn’t know.  And when did it get dark enough to see the stars?  Sitting up, he looked around, realizing he wasn’t in the city.  He was in a deserted town.  Almost deserted, that is.  The woman they had picked up on their way to Vegas was sobbing beside him.

‘Shit’ he thought, ‘How did Dirty manage to get me into some weird crap again?’


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Minor editing (punctuation, capitalization, etc.) was done before this story was posted, to allow for easier reading.  No words were removed from or added to this story after its original posting on Twitter except where indicated with red and then only to promote continuity in the story.

Thanks for the great story guys!  The next week’s story should be up shortly.


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