The Murder- July 29th, 2011

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“This wasn’t part of the plan,” Ted shrieked. “Stop whining and help me hide this body,” Manny said.

As both men grab an end of the bag, the heavy corpse snagged on the trunk lid, ripping the bag open, spilling a pale corpse. Staring down at the grotesquely bloated body, Manny couldn’t help but wish the sun wasn’t so hot.

“You could’ve warned me about the smell. It’s not like I’ve ever done this before.”

Manny and Ted dragged the body across the field. It was heavier than they expected. But they were stronger than expected, so it all evened out.

“You couldn’t kill him on the first floor? This guy’s so freaking fat I’m going to pull something” shouted Ted.

“It wouldn’t matter where I killed him, he would still be fat.”

“I know we’re alone here, but, I can’t shake the feeling that we’re being watched,” Manny wheezed.

“Great, now I have the creeps.” Ted said as they huffed across the field, “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.”

Manny chuckled. “Besides, what’s the sense in having a best friend if he won’t help you dispose of the dead bodies?”

Ted glared at Manny “Ha ha, you’re hysterical.” he said sarcastically, “You should come with a warning label, you know that?  Who is this dude anyway? You did bring gloves so we don’t leave prints, right?”

“Trust me, he’s no one that anyone will miss.” Manny said, “And we won’t need gloves. We’re gonna burn him.”

“Before or after I pass out,” Ted grunted.

“Don’t worry,” Manny said, a cigarette lighter his hand, “I’ve done this before.” Although it never gets any easier, thought Manny to himself.

Ted sagged to his knees.  He took a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, his hands shaking, “Man, I know this plan will work, but what if someone sees the smoke and calls 911?”

They both paused and looked at the body.

“You got paid for this didn’t you?” Manny said hoarsely, “You piece of s..”

Now is not the time, Manny!” Ted shouted, “Pour that over him.” Ted said,  Manny grabbed the can, “Hey careful with that, that ain’t water you know!”

At the sound of the two gunshots, Manny and Ted froze. Both wide-eyed, they looked at each other.

“Where did that come from?” Ted whispered.

“I don’t know.” Manny said.  He was trying desperately to run, but his legs refused to move.

“No,” Ted said, grabbing hold of Manny’s hand, “Come this way, there’s a stream just behind those trees, its our only chance.”

Finally willing his legs to move, Manny grabbed the dead man’s legs. “Put that lighter away.” he hissed at Ted.

“What you gonna do eat him?”

“No asshole, let’s throw him in the river.  The last thing we need now is a smoke signal.”

As he moved his legs, something caught his eye… It was a policeman.

Funny, Manny thought, The police never gave me the s**** before.

As Ted started to shove the lighter back into the pocket of his tight jeans,  the rough denim moved the lighter’s wheel, striking the flint. Before the flame could lick Ted’s shirt, he tossed it to the ground igniting the flammable liquid pored over the corpse.

“RUN!” Manny said to Ted. They bolted, the policeman in pursuit.

“Run fool!” Ted said taking off.  The bullets came quickly then, but the water was cold and flowing fast, the sounds fading.

“We made it!” Manny shouted, the current depositing them on a bank.

“Give me a hand!” Ted shouted over the roar of the water.

“How much?”

“What did you say?”

“I said how much?”



“Fifteen thousand, now will you get me out of here already?” Ted said.

“Don’t think you’re gettin’ away without giving me my cut. Nothin’ less than half,” he barked. They began looking for a way out.

“How much do I get?”

“Come again?” Ted said.

They were both sitting on the grass, the moonlight bathing their wet clothes through the dense woods leading up and away from the river.

“And don’t think of including me in any more of these, these harebrained schemes of yours again! Got it?”

As they realized they were safe, for now, his anger began to rise. The rainy night did not mask the fear in both men’s faces, despite the younger’s bravado.

“Yeah, hide the body,” Ted said. “And who’s gonna handle the lobby when the guests start streaming in?”

“What lobby? What guests?” said Manny.

“You just erased the receptionist, stud.” Ted said. Ted’s anger finally boiled over. “I thought you said that guy wouldn’t be missed,” he shouted at Manny, “and police?”

Manny shrugged and looked at the ground. “Well that’s what the lady said,” he mumbled.

This wouldn’t be the first time a woman had gotten Manny in trouble. He was so gullible when it came to the opposite sex.

“What lady was it this time?” Ted could tell he wasn’t going to like the answer.

Manny hesitated, “The Sheriff’s daughter.”

They heard something rustle behind them, “C’mon let’s get outta here.  The next time you decide to kill someone just leave me out of it! Some friend you are” growled Ted.

“How’d you know?” Manny said, “We came through the window.”

“I’ve been here before. Besides, that’s our guide you took out,” said Ted, “Got any bright ideas left in that skull of yours?” Ted started pacing, “The guests are here.”

Manny was dumbstruck, “Let’s get back through the window,” Manny said.

“You cut the ropes, fool. Remember?” said Ted, “Guests are coming up, what do we do?” Ted was trembling.

“Act like we’re guests,” Manny said. “We were just leaving. C’mon.”

Ted and Manny made it to the exit. The door swung open and the K-9 unit fell on them like a stampede.


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