The Map- July 22nd, 2011

*Note* Sorry, I haven’t been very consistent with this lately, my weekends have been very busy 🙂  I will try to be more prompt with my posts.  Once again, my #storyfriday hashtag is acting up so if I missed someone’s post, please let me know either through a comment on the blog or on Twitter (I’m @fogisbeautiful).  Thanks!

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While searching through his grandpa’s attic, Felix found a treasure map. He quickly called his friends Ace and Margo.

“You’ll never guess what I found! We’re going on a treasure hunt!!” Felix exclaimed. Ace and Margo hustled over.

“You too?” said Margo. “I found this in the basement.” and she showed a yellowed, battered twin of Felix’s map.

“What could it lead to?” They both asked almost in unison.

“I don’t know,” replied Felix.

“It looks off the coast of San Diego.” Margo said.

“Great, near a Naval base to start a treasure hunt?” asked Felix.

“Wait,” Ace said. “What land off the coast of San Diego?”

“It’s a good thing we have a GPS to find out, huh?” responded Margo.

“Yes, you told me it’s broken, I just forgot you suck at taking care of things,” Felix told Margo.

“But how are we ever going to get there?” asked Felix.

“In a boat, of course!” Ace was unusually wide-eyed. “Wait. Did you see THIS?”

“Where would we get a boat then?”

“We could steal one on the dock,” Margo replied.

Felix, lost in thought, mumbled “My uncle had a boat.”

“Had?” Margo replied.

“He died, leaving his house abandoned…”

“Ok then, where does you uncle live?” Ace asked.

And as soon as he said this, the phone rang.

“Oh no! The boat! We must hurry!” Screamed Ace as he scrambled out the door. Ace’s sudden need to panic put the pressure on Felix.

“I just can’t remember EXACTLY where my Uncle lived!”

“You’ve got to try, Felix”, Margo said.

“Gimme time to think!”

But Ace wasn’t listening. He was pacing frantically. Whoever called had clearly upset him.  Ace grabbed Felix’s shirt “You need to remember. Now.”

“Are you going to tell us what the rush is?” Margo asked.

Ace fiddled with an old brass ring that he wore and took a deep breath, “Listen,” he paused, thinking, “I’m just… excited”

“Seriously? What’s the rest of the story?” Felix wondered.

Ace shot Felix a dangerous look.

Margo laughed nervously, “Maybe we should get moving, yeah?”

“Never mind the maps, guys,” said Ace. “I just remembered my girlfriend wanted me to visit that flea market downtown.” He left.

Margo and Felix glanced at each other. Felix raised an eyebrow and Margo shrugged,

“You’re guess is as good as mine.” she said.  Margo finally shrugged, “Oh well, its just us then. So Felix, what do we do now?” She asked.

Felix, staring at the two maps, suddenly exclaimed, “That’s odd, I think that’s my uncle’s estate on your map!”

“So first stop is your uncle’s estate!”

They arrived to find the house in shambles and the boat stolen, only a note in its place.

Felix read the note: “Thought you were so great, Felix? Soon everyone will know the name of Ace the treasure hunter!”

Margo was exploring the room, “Wow, he’s charming isn’t…”, she tripped over a string. “Oops”

In seconds flaming timbers fell.


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Great story everyone!  Hope to see you all again this week!


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