The Fireworks- July 1st, 2011

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“These fireworks are illegal in 48 states,” said Mikey to his best friend Ryan. “Let’s set a few off.”

Ryan grinned, the fireworks already sparkling in his eyes. “Let’s do it!  Don’t worry Mikey, we are in Puerto Rico, we are a commonwealth, not a state.” replied Ryan.

Mikey searched his pockets, “Are the matches with you?” He asked Ryan

Ryan pulled out a cigarette lighter. “I was a boy scout”, he said, “Always be prepared.”  But the air prickled with danger, like a blow dryer leaning on the edge of a full tub.

“Wait,” Mikey put a hand on Ryan’s arm. “I hear something.”

“Wait for what?” Ryan retorted in a sharp whisper, pulling out from Mikey’s grasp. Mikey always chickened out.

“Don’t you hear that sound?  That tapping sound?” asked Mikey, “It’s coming from behind that tree.”

Ryan glanced over at the tree, then shrugged, “I don’t hear anything.” he said, “Stop making excuses, this was your idea!”

Mikey crept toward the tree, the dry leaves crunching under his feet. The rhythm of the tapping turned into a loud staccato.

Ryan raced past him. “I still don’t hear anything…” and he stopped abruptly, “Whoooaaa,” he said to something behind the tree.

“What?” Mikey said “What is it?” He edged forward, but Ryan held out a hand to stop him,

“Dude, you might scare him off.”

“Him?” Mikey whispered. Ryan put a finger to his lips and flapped his hand at him. Then he slowly lowered himself to the ground.

Ryan had told Mikey about him but he had never believed it to be true. A real live imp! There was no mistaking it! The tiny body, disproportionate bald head, the pointy ears. And for whatever reason he was gripping a chisel, pounding it against a boulder. Cracks had started to appear, branching outwards like threads in a spider’s web.A blue light was seeping through the threads, pulsating, as if straining to be released from the boulder.The imp had a devilish grin spread across his pale face, beads of sweat glistened on his brow. Ryan & Mikey were transfixed.  With a loud crack, the imp split the last boulder, releasing a flood of icy blue light.  Mikey & Ryan gasped as the flood of blue light washed over them.

“What do we have here?” said the imp as he turned towards them.

The boys gasped and covered their eyes. The imp let out a gleeful cackle.  They also heard voices singing, and the sound was getting louder, as if the voices were coming toward them.  The boys blinked against the blinding light. There were figures, tiny figures, but they were getting larger every second.  They both looked down at the imp, who also seemed to be growing before them!

He cackled again, “Boys will grow and boys will play, but now they’ll see the faery way!” the imp tittered, dancing from foot to foot.

Suddenly, they saw shadows, then figures — elf-like figures — emerging from the blue light and singing.

“I don’t like the looks of this” said Ryan to Mikey.

“Me either” replied Mikey “but what can we do?”

“Hurry,” Ryan whispered to Mikey “go get the fireworks!”

Ryan had to act quick as he reached into his pocket for the lighter.  Mikey returned with the bottle rockets and Ryan lit them quickly. Ryan tried to point them away from the tree… and toward the cracked boulder. The voices grew closer. Soon the other imps would step out of the rock and into this dimension.  Mikey was alarmed of what his friend was aiming for.

“What are you doing?” he squeaked.

The imp who had broken open the portal wheeled around and faced Ryan, “You’re too late!” his voice rang with anger, “Soon my brothers will be here and the freedom you so cherish will no longer be yours!”

“I know what I’m doing,” replied Ryan. “Just get the Roman Candles ready.” as he aimed and fired the bottle rockets at the tree.

“It’s no use!” screamed the imp over the sound of fireworks being unleashed at the opening in the tree. The bells rung louder.

“We are running out of fireworks!” yelled Mikey.

“Keep ’em coming.” replied Ryan. The bells were at an unbearable level.

“This is all we have left!” Mikey screamed over the bells, handing Ryan the shells and launcher for the big fireworks display.

“Hit the deck!” yelled Ryan.

The fireworks exploded in the tree, causing the ground to shake and multi-colored sparks to fly.  The bright explosives blinded the two boys.  For a moment their senses were rendered useless for they could see nothing, taste and smell nothing but burnt gun powder and they heard nothing but the high pitched squall from the fireworks. Their eyes were tightly closed. Then… nothing. No sound, not even a whisper of the afternoon breeze.  Ryan opened one eye, he dared to look but when he did he saw the boulder before them blackened, the light extinguished.  Slowly, Ryan sat up.

“Is it over?” Mikey mumbled, his face still buried in the grass, hands covering his head.

Ryan looked all around them. There was no sign of the imp.

“I think so.” he said.

Mikey finally lifted his head off the ground. Suddenly, the crack in the boulder disappeared as if it had never been there.

“Did you see that?” whispered Mikey.

“The finale was awesome, good job.” mumbled Mikey and rolled onto his back.

“The best ever.” said Ryan with a smile.


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Minor editing (punctuation, capitalization, etc.) was done before this story was posted, to allow for easier reading.  No words were removed from or added to this story after its original posting on Twitter except where indicated with red and then only to promote continuity in the story.

Thanks everyone for a great story!  See you next week!  Also, Happy Independence Day!  🙂

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